Er war ein Schauspieler mit Charisma, Leidenschaft und Starrsinn: eine Filmreihe für Oskar Werner

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Nachrichten, die zu Ihnen kommen: Newsletter, Feeds und WhatsApp. Alles zu unseren mobilen Angeboten: Yuki An: Thank you very much! You and Felix are always behaving together, aren't you? He looks like a wise dog. On business, you always travel around the world together. I feel very happy imagining the strong impression of yours. You are loved by the movie's people involved of the world. I can guess it by seeing your picture. - LP Oskar Werner "Weaner Lieder" - auction details

I have never seen the oversea movie stars in my life. It is because I can't leave my town due to my illness. Someday I want to see the movie stars. And so, l hope that I will live until the day when I can see them. Then, I heard the memories about Mr.

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  • Oskar Werner from you, and I found the something in common of you and him one more. When a three-year element school student, I saw Mr. Jack Nicholson appear on TV in the middle of the night. The Shining!!! Having an interest in the hero, I asked my mother about him. And the mother said, "he is the actor who played the role of Joker.

    It was because he looked to be another person. I was utterly fascinated by him and I was also utterly captivated by movies. And so, I came to be a big fan of the movie director, Mr. Stanley Kubrick you love. Now I think that the greatest movie director in the world is Mr. Stanley Kubrick. In any case, the picture-beauty of his works is matchless. Has the filming of the movie "Napoleon" been halfway through with? The movie company fell shot of funds and so stopped the filming, I have the memory of hearing it. Had Mr.

    Stanley admired Mr. They will be surely shooting the movie in the heaven, I think.

    BMBF-Staatssekretär Thomas Rachel und Oscar-Werner Reif (Sartorius)

    The meeting of you and Mr. Oskar is wonderful! The movie, "Fahrenheit " is the highest masterpiece. He played all the roles as if those were true. For the purpose of it, he read a lot of books, observed the persons and cherished the importance of human relationships. As for this point, there are a lot in common between you and him. His heart was truly transparent. After his death, you told his splendid charm to the people in the world. As the result, he was able to go on living in the heart of many people. I like Mr. Marlon Brando next to Mr.

    aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

    It is a miracle too. The sign of him which was flamed is decorated on my table. I will send the picture to you. We can't see his most famous film, "My Favorite Year" in japan. I hope that the day when the DVD of this movie is released will come around someday. I will send you the recent picture of my dog. I pray for happiness of you and Mr. Montag, März um Meine Frau und ich sind restlos begeistert!!!!

    Du bist ein absoluter Könner und wir können Dir nur unseren ehrlichen Dank dafür aussprechen!!!

    LP Oskar Werner "Weaner Lieder"

    Lydia Torea An: Love the photos But, I did want you to know that I had received your mail. Have a nice day, except it's night there now. Ihr Text ist wie immer hervorragend, wer könnte besser über "unseren" geliebten Ausnahmekünstler schreiben als Sie? Ich habe "Zwischenspiel" vor langer, langer Zeit einmal im Fernsehen gesehen, der Film wurde meines Wissens auch nie wiederholt. Aber letztlich zählte das Ergebnis, was sich sehr sehen lassen konnte. Hello dear! How is everything going for you? I keep trying to read your magazine online. Regarding your questions: You can refer to her as my sister only.

    I was just passing in front of the market in a taxi exactly at the moment that occurred and for a few seconds i was able to see the truck. I posted my impressions about that in my personal Facebook for family and friends, but unfortunately i had Sven Kuschel on my "friends" list and he took that post without my permission for his newspaper bild.

    Life and Loves of Mozart Oskar Werner 1955

    He exaggerated the information i posted making me look like a witness who was able to scape from the terror attack. All that was very unpleasant for me. It was christmas time so nobody was able to help me to delete that info on Bild.

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    Sunny hugs from Mexico. Dezember Jan Harlan An: Schon wieder einen Abend in der Tasche. Februar , Foto: Juni Xao Seffcheque An: Juni Hallo Marc, Guter Text!